Learning Lab - Vehicle Expenses

How do vehicle expenses work and how should you write them off?


These are 1-3 hour classes that are LIVE with our instructors. They cover a very specific topic for users.

Each time covers only one topic of interest, so that we can do a deep dive into that topic for members.

  1. All Learning Labs for are free if you are a Business Support Network Member.
  2. All Learning Labs are recorded and available for 1 week after the class.
  3. Participants are welcome to ask questions during the Learning Labs.

*Disclaimer* All information provided in the Learning Labs are for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and cannot be interpreted as professional advice.


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Upcoming Classes in the BSN

  • Thursday, November 25 - 10:00am - It's Tax Time!
    • What should you do to properly prepare for your tax person?
  • Thursday, December 9 - 10:00am - Vehicle Expenses
    • How do vehicle expenses work and how should you write them off
  • To be announced - Starting a Business
    • If you are new to business, find out how to start it and the actions you need to take. This is also good for people in business to learn the steps you should have taken. Applies at all stages of business.
  • To be announced - Running Your Business
    • If you don't want to be a bookkeeper, then what is really important for you to do and what is important for you to know?
  • To be announced - Let's Look at Bookkeeping Technology
    • Let's explore the different technologies. Which program should you choose and why would you choose it?
  • To be announced - Canada Revenue Agency, Compliance vs Collections
    • What happens when you are behind or you owe CRA some money? Let's take a look at what actions they may take.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these classes live or recorded?
The classes are live with our instructors.
Can I have a recorded version?
There is a audio recording only available after the course. Due to the privacy of our participants, we do not provide a visual recording of the classes.
How long do I have to listen to the recording?
Non member participants will have one week to listen to the recording. Bookkeeping Support Members will have 30 days to listen to the recording.